Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray

For Amelia’s second birthday party, it was her love of “cook-cooks and milk” that inspired this fun, pretty pink and gray “Cookies and Milk” theme. This party was in December, but we think it has some great ideas for Valentine’s Day parties, too. Amelia’s mom, photographer Nicki of Vitalic Photo, started by designing the absolutely darling invitations, complete with hand drawn little cookies. Soon after, she came across some little stuffed cookie ornaments on Etsy that matched perfectly. With the party so close to Christmas, they made the perfect favors for guests. Nicki packaged them up in lovely matching favor bags under a mini tree adorned in pink and silver.

Of course a Cookies and Milk themed birthday party would not be complete without a full dessert table with delicious treats, which included cake and mini cupcakes, chocolate peppermint whoopie squares, mini heart sugar cookies, plus homemade cake pops, chocolate chip cookies, and funfetti cookies. 2% milk and chocolate milk were served in glass bottles with pink striped straws. The backdrop design idea came from the gorgeous backdrop designed by Jesi Haack Design, one of the WC Hand Picked Designers, for the launch party (see more by clicking here). For her version, Nicki used a ruffled shower curtain from Urban Outfitters (we have the white window curtain version of them in my little girl’s nursery and they are so pretty in person!), which was decorated with hand sewn stuffed heart pillows by Amelia’s mimi. If you want to see even more prettiness from this party, visit the full gallery.

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Photographer: Nicki of Vitalic Photo
Invitations, treat signs, favor & milk tags: Designed and printed by Amelia’s Mom
Dessert Backdrop Concept: Inspired from Jesi Haack Design
Cake & mini cupcakes: Frosting
Whoopie Squares: Whoopie Squares
Mini heart cookies – Fun Sugar Cookies on Etsy
Cake pops & all other cookies: Baked by Amelia’s Mom
Ruffle backdrop: Urban Outfitters shower curtain
Stuffed hearts: Sewn by Amelia’s Mimi
Milk bottles, stiped straws, favor bags: Sweet Shop Lulu
Cookie Favors & Hat: Lollie Blossom

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    Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray

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    I want to cuddle with the pillows used in this lovely party table backdrop

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    This Milk & Cookies birthday party from @vitalicphoto is so pretty in pink & gray with ruffles & stuffed heart pillows:

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    This @ontobaby Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party reminds me of @lover_ly

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    There’s something about puffy hearts and ruffles that make me swoon. This is adorable!

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    I came by here for the photography, and left with an intense sweet tooth!! What a beautiful setup and lovely attention to detail!! Everything looks perfect. Love this! <3

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    Oh SO Loverly! RT @weddingchicks: This @ontobaby Milk & Cookies Birthday Party reminds me of @lover_ly…

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    Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray – On to Baby

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    I absolutely adore this!!!! I’m totally inspired for my Valentine’s Day party :)

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    This party is so pretty. I am starting to rethink my own birthday party! Maybe a fab gray and pink bash would be just perfect :)

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    “@ontobaby: Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray” LOVE IT!!

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    Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray – On to Baby

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    CUTE! Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray via @ontobaby

  16. 16
    Sophia says:

    I love the concept. This is really Wow b’day party. Pik and grey. I think I will do for my daughter also.

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    My News Feed is filled with lovely inspirations this morning! Here goes another one…

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    This is so cute! I love the little tree!

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    Lovely Milk & Cookies Birthday Party in Pink and Gray via @ontobaby

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    Sarah Oh says:

    I adore this party! And her little dress–where did you find it?

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    Krystal says:

    beautiful! love the theme!

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    April says:

    love this precious party! do you mind telling me where you got the pink lollipops?

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    Kathy Wolfe says:

    I found this Lovely story on Pinterest! So precious!

  32. 32
    Jenn says:

    Would you ever consider selling the graphics that you used for the invite, signage, favors, milk tags ext….? I am planning a milk and cookies party for my little ones 2nd birthday and these are SO cute and classy! Would really appreciate it!

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    sarah says:


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