1960s Manhattan Themed Birthday Party

When photographer Caroline Tran’s little boy Cameron turned one, she threw him an off-the-charts amazing 1960s Manhattan themed birthday party. It was the perfect theme, as Cameron has already traveled quite a bit and New York is one of their favorite destinations. We are truly blown away by all the fun and thoughtful details throughout every little inch of this fabulous party, designed by Grand Soirées and coordinated by Skybox Event Productions!

Pandora on Green provided the perfect venue to create this mini Manhattan. Cameron’s grandfather personally built four munchkin-sized storefronts, including a produce stand, newsstand, tattoo parlor, and their favorite NY burger joint, Shake Shack. The newsstand was stocked with teeny newspapers and magazines they created to share their favorite stories about Cameron. The produce stand offered the tiny guests lots of healthy food options, including “fruit pops” (melons cut into animal shapes), mini crab apples, and mini tomatoes, all presented on lollipop sticks. For dessert, they had their own mini cake shop with five delectable cakes from Batch from Scratch. They even had a faux Central Park, complete with mini tables with checkers and chess! Rainbow Fish Cinema documented some of the preparations and party, and they later showed a partially same-day-edit film to guests like a movie in the park. (See the video at the bottom of this post!)

The little guests had plenty of fun activities in store for them, including faux tattoos, making their own milkshakes at the Shake Shack, and even some fortune telling. Guests predicted Cameron’s future by placing their guesses on which little item he would grab of those placed in front of him. Each item represented a characteristic, such as a camera to represent being artistic ability, a dragon fruit to represent being a foodie (this was his pick!), a book to represent being scholarly, a soccer ball to represent being athletic, and so on. Guests got to take home “One Year Ago” calendars as favors, which featured photos of Cameron during his first year and his milestones from each month. To see more from this amazing party, be sure to stop by the full gallery.

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Photography: Caroline Tran Photographer
Event Design: Grand Soirées
Coordinator: Skybox Event Productions
Venue and Catering: Pandora on Green
Wardrobe Styling: Lovely Jubilee
Videography: Rainbow Fish Cinema
Photo Booth: Instabooths
Cakes: Batch from Scratch
Rentals: Bold Event Rentals and Dolphin Event Services
Invitations: Felix Rhys Paperie

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    Today on @ontobaby Cameron turns ONE! @carolinetran @LindaLy @lovelyjubilee @SkyboxEvents @BoldRents @FSCookies http://t.co/nNixmJIu

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    Check out @ontobaby today! My youngest client Cameron turns ONE! ;) styling wardrobe for this family was too much fun! http://t.co/BPCvObWZ”

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    A little man in 1960′s Manhattan- plaid blazer, tailored slacks, & even a mini orange bowtie! http://t.co/BPCvObWZ

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    Today on @ontobaby Cameron turns ONE! @carolinetran @LindaLy @lovelyjubilee @SkyboxEvents @BoldRents @FSCookies… http://t.co/ILKmmfcp

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    This 1960s Manhattan themed party is off-the-charts! http://t.co/q4HVYyuG @carolinetran @LindaLy @SkyboxEvents @BFSCookies @lovelyjubilee

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    Holy cow, this is too good to be true! Too. Good. RT @ontobaby This 1960s Manhattan themed party is off-the-charts! http://t.co/LY7PxMNA

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    Was so inspired by the designs of @LindaLy that I knew I had to get this family dressed to impress! One dapper… http://t.co/TXSFGrIH

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    Best ever “@carolinetran: Camerons 1st birthday on @ontobaby today! – http://t.co/1YGlGDl6 @LindaLy @SkyboxEvents @BFSCookies @LovelyJubilee

  9. 9

    This is JUST ADORABLE!!! love everything about it!

  10. 10

    wow this party is amazing, that’s all I have to say

  11. 11

    quite possibly the most fun i’ve had planning a one year old’s party!

  12. 12

    Wow, does it get any better than your own mini New York!? Serious party envy over here!!

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    This is seriously the cutest kids bday party I’ve ever seen! http://t.co/0yHOw8qA @carolinetran @LindaLy @SkyboxEvents @lovelyjubilee

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    Yay! “@carolinetran: Cameron’s 1st b-day on @ontobaby http://t.co/yTOtg0a5 @LindaLy @SkyboxEvents @BFSCookies @LovelyJubilee @_Rainbowfish”

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    thanks so much for sharing the fun with us! it was an awesome day!

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    This is beyond adorable. So clever and thoughtful! Fun for adults and kids alike… Brava!!

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    This 1 year old’s Manhattan themed b’day party is ridiculously OTT – but I love it! http://t.co/lqg7pyEQ @Alex_McVey (for my 29th?!)

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    this party is just beyond awesome. it’s ingenious.

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    Lianna says:

    The video brought tears to my eyes. Really inspired me to not just plan a party with decorations, food, details…but sit back and look at the amazing year we just had. What a gift!

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    Savage Seeds says:

    How adorable and Chic! Well done!

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