Twins’ Birth Story

Kim Charie Photography demonstrates with this twin birth photography story, that even a high risk birth, scheduled cesarean is absolutely beautiful. If you are having a c-section, you might not have considered documenting the birth, but these photos are a great example of why you should think it over regardless of what type of delivery you have. Mom McKenzy had not envisioned giving birth this way herself, but both babies turned breech at the end of her pregnancy. This disappointing news turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During the delivery, they found a massive hole in her uterus, which would’ve been catastrophic if she had delivered naturally. We are so relieved this story had a happy ending, and so glad to see all that love and joy captured forever in these photos. Stop by the full gallery to see more!

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Photography: Kim Charie Photography
Hospital: Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland, WA

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  1. 1
    Kristin says:

    These are so awesome. It makes me a little sad though…we were planning on video and cameras when I delivered and I ended up having a emergency c-section. It all happened so fast we weren’t even thinking about the cameras so I have no photos of it. I hope I can remember some of the blurry details forever. Cherish these photos :)

  2. 2
    Laurel G says:

    so beautiful!