Election Themed Birthday Party

With the election right around the corner, here at On to Baby we are finally ready to make our endorsement. We’re fully supporting Wren for President, and after seeing this crazy cute birthday party, we know you will too! From Wren’s mom, photographer Heather Cook Elliott, here’s why Wren deserves your vote:

“Wren is a tiny human who loves to smile and walk and point, who asks us ‘what’s that’ about a million times a day. Her first word was cat and she can now say other words that describe her favorite things – puppy, duck, dad – and what she can’t say she seems to understand. She smiles at strangers, adores her shoes, prefers to eat with a spoon and she’s running for President.

“We’ve discussed her platform at length and I’m proud to endorse her as the bi-partisan, all-American candidate for people who believe we should all just get along. She’s not from a blue or red state, but considers herself a purple state uniter. She won’t stand for sitting and she’s #1 in 2012. So to kickoff her campaign season we held a rally for her 1st birthday at my photography studio.”

Many talented colleagues and friends came together to create this grand rally. Amanda Felsman of Tailored Engagements planned the event and brought Heather’s vision to life. Tara at Cracked Designs designed the absolutely perfect logos and invitation, which really brought out the campaign feel. Guests had a chance to try out a beta version of Heather’s new photobooth in a pint-sized version designed for kids’ parties. The inclusion of purple is so perfect, a mix of blue and red, representing both red and blue coming together. For more election party fun, stop by the full gallery for more photos.

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Photography: Heather Cook Elliott Photography
Event planning: Amanda Felsman of Tailored Engagements
Invites and Logos: Cracked Designs
Catering: Ball n’ Biscuit
Photobooth: AMUSEbooth
Custom buttons: WackyButtons.com
Vintage Soft Drinks: Cost Plus World Market
Custom Onesie: Zazzle
Candy: Candy Warehouse
Donkey and Elephant cookies: C. Adams Bakery
Custom canvas: RedEnvelope.com
Kid’s tables and carpet squares: Ikea
Decorations: Oriental Trading Co & Party City
Venue: Heather Cook Elliott Photography Studio
POSTED IN: First Parties

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  1. 1
    Jennifer Hier says:

    Heather is a genius!

  2. 2
    Linda Elliott says:

    I vote for Wren!! Adorable photos; great theme!

  3. 3
    Lindsay says:

    I love this theme for so many reasons but especially because of the idea that a little girl would have a party themed around HER being president!! Fantastic!!

  4. 4

    I absolutely love the idea of an election themed birthday party! Amazing!